‘Burnt Letters’ out now!

The day has finally come! Taylor’s brand new album Burnt Letters is out now! Make sure you pick it up at iTunesGoogle PlaySanity and JB Hi-Fi!

Here’s some words from Taylor below:

Is it weird that it’s only hitting me now that Burnt Letters is actually out!?

It’s funny how when you work on something for so long, you have a vision of when the project is finished, but never really know when that last day is coming! Haha but I’m proud to say it’s NOW HERE and Burnt Letters is OUT!

This album is an extension of who I am. It’s extremely personal, and most of all it’s real. Some songs on this album go back way before X Factor such as, ‘Matter of Time’ and of course ‘Host of Angels’.However, there’s others that are very new which I’ve written over the last year, like ‘Already Gone’ and ‘Taking Back’.

I hope this album connects with you the way it does with me. Go tell your friends, your family, and even share this bad boy on your social media 😉 haha it’s now a big part of me and what I hope will be, is a big step forward!

Thanks you guys talk soon!

Tay x